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Paresthesia: Why Your Body Parts Tingle and Fall Asleep

Article Written by Brett Sears, PT | Found on VeryWell

What’s happening when you’re watching TV or reading in your favorite chair, leg slung over the chair’s arm as you relax after a long day, and your arm or foot falls asleep? Your legs or arm may feel funny as you try to move. They may feel numbness, a pins and needles sensation, or almost painful buzzing. You find that getting your muscles to work properly is nearly impossible.

When we feel a body part fall asleep, it may be paresthesia. Read more

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Is Medication Adherence Important?

Article by Heidi Moahad | Found on VeryWell

On some occasions, you may need to take prescription medications. Most of the time this is fairly straightforward. When you feel sick you can usually make an appointment to see a doctor within a few days. If you need a prescription you can typically get it from the pharmacy with little, if any, delay.

But once in a while, circumstances are not so straightforward. You could get sick while you are out of town, or you may feel that you need to take more or less of your prescribed medicine. Read more

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Could You Be Allergic to Additives in Food or Drugs?

Article by Roni Rabin | Found on NY Times

When Kammy Eisenberg broke out in hives last December, she attributed it to stress. But the rash persisted, and Ms. Eisenberg was covered in hives “from head to toe” for eight months.

“It was everywhere,” said Ms. Eisenberg, 52, who lives in Atlanta. “I was beyond itchy.” Even powerful drugs like prednisone provided only moderate relief, she said. “My allergist was at a loss.”

She eventually consulted Dr. Robert Swerlick, an Emory University dermatologist known to take on difficult cases, who reviewed her medical record and suggested that since she was allergic to sulfa drugs, she might also be sensitive to dyes used to color medications. Read more

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Be Wary of Excessive Salt in Some Restaurant Meals

Article by Kristen Linselata | Found on WebMD

We’ve heard that restaurant meals have a lot of salt, but it can be difficult to know just how much.While many chain restaurants now list calorie counts on their menus, that information doesn’t include sodium content. Diners may get some insight next year, when chain restaurants with 20 or more locations will be required in May to have pamphlets available with nutritional information, including sodium. Read more
How To Check Your Kids’ Candy For Potential Hazards This Halloween!

How To Check Your Kids’ Candy For Potential Hazards This Halloween!

by Julia Lynn Rubin | Found on LittleThings

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and one of the most fun times of the year, but safety remains paramount on the big day, especially if you have kids and plan on going trick-or-treating.

These simple tips and tricks, courtesy of WikiHow, on how you can help you avoid any dangers or hazards associated with Halloween candy. Read more

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Cleaner Safety: What’s In That Bottle?

Article by Stephanie Watson | Found on WebMD

Consumers may soon have a better idea about the chemicals in the cleaning products they’re spraying, wiping, and mopping around their homes.

California this month became the first state in the country to require manufacturers of the products to list certain chemicals on labels. The law, known as the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 could bring more transparency to the industry and help consumers know whether products they buy contain chemicals that could harm their health and the environment. Read more

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What to Do About a Migraine Emergency

Article by Teri Robert | Found on VeryWell

A severe migraine headache that lasts for three or more days can be a medical emergency—sometimes even increasing the risk of a migraine-induced stroke. What should you do if you find yourself dealing with a relentless migraine and you can’t get to your regular doctor—you’re on vacation, for example, or it’s a holiday weekend? In that case, your choices basically boil down to heading for either a nearby emergency room or a local urgent care facility. Read more

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What the Nose Knows May Affect Your Brain Health

Article by Sonja Collins | Found on WebMD

How well you can smell could be a sign of overall brain health. A growing body of research suggests that the two are strongly linked, though researchers are just starting to figure out how and why.In a recent study, researchers found that a simple smell test may predict your chance of having dementia. Read more
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Stress May Harm Gut Health As Much As Junk Food

Article Written by Honor Whiteman | Found on MedicalNewsToday

Be it financial worries, work pressures, or relationship problems, we all get stressed from time to time. To what extent does stress harm us, though? According to a new study, stress may be just as detrimental to our health as junk food — for women, at least.

Researchers found that stressed female mice experienced changes to their gut microbiota — that is, the community of microorganisms that reside in the intestine — comparable with what is seen in response to a high-fat diet. In male mice, however, stress appeared to have no effect on gut microbiota. Read more

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Learning and Staying in Shape Key to Longer Lifespan, Study Finds

Article Found on ScienceDaily

People who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogramme of weight they carry, research suggests.

A major study of the genes that underpin longevity has also found that education leads to a longer life, with almost a year added for each year spent studying beyond school. Read more