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Patient Reviews for Duke City Urgent Care in Albuquerque, NM

Duke City Urgent Care Provides 5 Star Health Care Providers and Medical Service in Alburquerque.

This is the best urgent care in town! They were so incredibly helpful solving/ re correcting some medical issues that I had previously been treated for. They took the time and actually listened to me and my issues. They truly care about your health and well being! Wonderful staff from the moment you check in, to getting taken care of by the doc’s!
If your wanting to get better this is your place to go!
Thank you! -Bridgette P

Kacey Diaz

Fastest urgent care ever. My first visit was on the night before I was supposed to leave on my honeymoon. That doctor made me feel so much better and saved our trip! Their new location at Louisiana and Montgomery is so fast. I go to Urgent Care at least once per year and I have never had a better experience. They get you through quickly while still making you feel heard. 10/10 would recommend.

Rebecca Minton

Efficient. They were all efficient. And aware. Aware of each patient and of what stage of check-in each was at. And they were all friendly, informed, intelligent, pleasant, and helpful. What a breath of fresh air, given how awful most other clinics, hospitals, EDs, and doctors’ offices are. The P.A. I saw was smart, compassionate and caring. I drove way out of my way to go there and will do it again.

Patti Laughia

Went in recently for a strep test and they were very polite and quick! The facilities are clean and comfortable and the staff is very kind and they take their time to go over everything wit you. My medicine was quickly sent to the pharmacy with no hassle on my part. I recommend going slightly later in the day to get past their rush and you will hardly have to wait. Very professional, will definitely go back.

Cizon Copeland

“Dr. Hank was great! I had a botfly in my hand from a trip to Central America and had no idea what it was. Dr. Hank was able to diagnose and surgically remove the botfly within minutes & now I have no scarring whatsoever.”


“Great customer service!! Please pass along our extreme thanks!”


“I saw Dr. Hank when I broke my arm. It was really scary because it was bent the wrong direction. He gave me a shot to help with pain, numbed my arm, and put it back in the right direction. I got a splint and a copy of my X-Ray. My mom was really happy and we always try to visit Dr. Hank whenever we have a problem.”


“I am taking this opportunity to thank Dr. Hank for the high level of care I received upon injury to my back. Dr. Hank displayed quick knowledge to treat the pain, allowing me to get in and out within 35 minutes, while treating me like I was family. It is reassuring to know there are individuals of Dr. Hank’s integrity, and high level of medical knowledge in our community. I have recommended Dr. Hank to everyone I know.”


“My mommy took me to see Samira when I had a real bad sore throat. She did a strep test on me, gave me medicine, and made me feel much better. She is really nice and did a great job.”


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