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Reviews for Duke City Urgent Care in Albuquerque, NM (Louisiana Plaza)

Duke City Urgent Care Provides 5 Star Health Care Providers and Medical Service in Alburquerque.

On the day before Christmas, I went in to get a strep test. During my visit, I interacted with 5 different staff members, all of whom were polite, friendly, good-humored, helpful, and efficient. From walking in the door to leaving with a prescription in hand for antibiotics, my visit lasted under 30 minutes which seems to be a record for any doctor’s office visit, let alone an urgent care facility. I was incredibly impressed with how well run this facility was.

Madeleine & Zack

The team at Duke City are amazing. The individuals I met are intelligent and caring. The quality of service is better than any emergency clinic I’ve been to. I think it has a lot to do with the people. Thank you Duke City staff for taking the time to care for the community.

I recommend going to this clinic because the quality of care is great and so are the staff. They will be fast and caring of your needs. It’s not just for adults but children too. I would drive across town to get to this clinic anytime.

Terry Berridge

The facility was clean and nice. We went in for my daughters ear ache. The staff was very nice, put my daughter at ease, and took great care of her. One gentleman even let her look in his ear after they finished with her. We didn’t have to wait too long either.

AJ McColloch

Ashley was incredibly helpful. I hadn’t received my insurance card yet and only had the info in an email. Bring sick and fevery, I wasn’t even sure what my plan was. She looked me up and then printed my info for me because I’d need it at the pharmacy as well. She was disinfecting all the pens (great forethought as every flu patient touches them..)

I was taken to triage and into a room within 10 minutes and seen within 30 (I had left a Nextcare office to be seen at Duke City because the wait there was 3+ hours). The tech was nice and the doctor was thorough. He explained my diagnosis and the treatment, answered my questions and had me on my way all within an hour.

To say that I am impressed is an understatement.

Jessica Montoya

If you have been to an urgent care center where the sense of urgency is simply not there, go immediately to Duke City Urgent Care! My first experience was with my 83 yr. old Dad at the 11601 Montgomery location and because it was amazing, when I needed to go, I went to the new 7200 Montgomery location. It is simply an amazing health-care focused experience with a caring intake team, triage team and attending physicians/NP and/or PA. Too bad they don’t offer primary care or I would sign up now – we need health care like this!

Anita Foster

I’m so impressed with this clinic. The staff is friendly, down to earth and very knowledgeable. They are so efficient and are very conscientious and respectful of your time and needs. They work hard to get you in and out quickly but take the time to explain everything and make sure you understand. Highly recommend

Michaela Morrow

My 2 year old son had severe elbow pain, so I brought him into Duke City Urgent Care on Montgomery and Louisiana. We were able to see the doctor within 2 – 3 minutes of arriving and the doctor knew immediately what was wrong (nursemaid’s elbow). He was gentle and had my son’s elbow fixed within 5 minutes of us walking in.

The nurses and staff were incredibly friendly and highly competent. I have never had a better experience at any doctor’s office or urgent care. I can’t say enough good things about the care my son received! Thank you for the excellent service – I will be sure to recommend Duke City Urgent Care to all of my family and friends.

Andrea V

Extraordinary caretaking personality. This place and the physicians and other staff make the stress of feeling unwell so much less impactful. Great people. Great service. Amazing professional and caring culture.

Reeve Swainston

I went to two different locations and both of the physicians were extremely knowledgeable. Both had great bedside manners and were very professional. I would highly recommend this clinic.

Wendy Coad

I was seen by a technician within 10 minutes of walking in the door by of their newest location, then quickly by the doctor. The doctor, technician, nurses and front desk staff were kind, thorough and listened to me. Great experience

Laura Brown

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