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The need for pediatric urgent care can be a worrisome time for New Mexico parents. Thankfully, Duke City Urgent Care provides the fast, compassionate care your young children require. With five locations throughout the Albuquerque and Los Lunas areas, our team of physicians is available seven days a week to help your child heal. We are dedicated to not only providing the best pediatric treatment to your young ones, but also making their experience as calming and peaceful as possible. Sudden pain or discomfort can be scary for a child, and understandably the child may be frightened during their visit. Duke City Urgent Care assures all parents and guardians that we will take care of your child and make this experience as positive as possible.

The Importance of Swift Pediatric Care

Children live an active lifestyle full of excitement and playtime. Unfortunately, there is often opportunity for a child to get injured or come in contact with germs leading to illness. Whether they slip and fall, touch something harmful, or develop a minor illness from germs or viruses, these minor and moderate health concerns can be a worrisome experience for both the children and their families. Even problems that end up being small wounds or 24-hour viruses can feel like an emergency. That’s why it’s important that all parents create a relationship with a reliable local pediatric urgent care center that they can trust.

Many young children have a difficult time vocalizing or describing the extent of their pain or discomfort. In some cases, the adult may not be able to understand what exactly is causing the child grief. Thankfully, urgent care physicians, like the pediatric specialists at Duke City Urgent Care, are extensively trained to diagnose and treat a variety of ailments children may experience.

Duke City Urgent Care for New Mexico Children

Although you may be tempted to run to the emergency room for any injury or sickness your little one may face, we encourage you to visit us for all mild to moderate health concerns. We are fully equipped to handle everything from broken bones and lacerations to stomach viruses and allergic reactions. Tending to a sick or hurt child can be a stressful experience. Let our team of caring physicians at Duke City Urgent Care calm your concerns and administer the pediatric urgent care treatment your little one needs to return to a happy, healthy life.

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