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School-age children, 18 years and younger, who require a sports physical can obtain one quickly and conveniently at Duke City Urgent Care. A sports physical, also known as a preparation physical examination, evaluates an athlete to determine whether or not it is safe for him or her to participate in specific sports, exercises, or other physical activities. A child or adolescent may require a sports physical prior to involvement in school or community organized sports. The exam is divided into two parts: medical history and physical examination.

Medical History

When undergoing a sports physical, the provider will first need to know the detailed medical history of the individual. In many cases, students may have to fill out a form with help from their parents. These answers are very important, as certain patterns of health conditions in your family history may identify an underlying condition you may have. Answer all questions truthfully — rarely will any response prevent you from engaging in most activities. Most questionnaires require the following information:

  • Medications you’re currently taking.
  • Serious diseases in family history.
  • Allergies.
  • Dates of prior surgeries.
  • Current and prior illnesses or health conditions you may have such as asthma, dizziness or broken bones.
  • Drug or alcohol use, including steroids and performance enhancers.

Physical Exam

After the provider gains an understanding of your medical history, she will then proceed with the sports physical examination. This evaluation is not invasive and is very similar for both male and female patients. In some cases, particularly if the patient is an adolescent going through puberty, the provider may ask gender-specific questions — for instance, they may inquire about the young woman’s diet and menstrual cycle to ensure health. Each physical exam will generally include:

  • Height and weight check.
  • Assessment of posture, joints, flexibility, and strength.
  • Vision tests.
  • Pulse rate and blood pressure tests.
  • Checks of ears, nose, throat, and organs like lungs and heart.
Sports Physical Exam in ABQ & Los Lunas

Fast Sports Physicals at Duke City Urgent Care

Sports physicals are necessary for school-age children because they can help an them ensure adequate physical fitness to determine safe participation in physical activities. Providers can also recommend tips on better health care, exercise, or prescribe medication for athletes and active young people who have a health condition that may impact performance. Visit Duke City Urgent Care today for a quick and easy sports physical.

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