COVID Testing

All our clinics have RAPID & PCR COVID TESTING available for our patients.

For Lab Results & Discharge Instructions, please click on the buttons below.

Your insurance company may require a copay or may not cover the costs of employer-mandated COVID-19 testing or routine COVID-19 screening provided by Duke City Urgent Care and may only cover testing-related office visits and other costs for providers within a designated network. Please verify that DCUC falls within your health insurance plan’s network of providers.

To better serve you, we are upgrading to a new Healthcare Technology Platform.

We appreciate your patience during this transition as we work to improve your patient experience.

Have You Had a Positive Home Covid Test?

If you have mild to moderate symptoms you may qualify for COVID THERAPY.


Due to unprecedented pandemic related volume surge,we are ONLY calling patients with POSITIVE Covid Lab results. To access your discharge instructions or Quest lab results click on the buttons below.

Duke City Urgent Care is here to guide you and address all your Albuquerque COVID-19 rapid tests and concerns.

Our Clinics provide the most up to date information and guidance to care for you and your family. All our clinics use the latest COVID-19 testing technology available and the largest most reputable laboratories in the country.