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While appointments can help to reduce wait time for x-ray and imaging services, you are welcome to walk in to receive care as quickly as possible.

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Duke City Urgent Care offers on-site digital X-ray services for men, women, and children. Any injury can become a reason for concern. While major bone breaks may be immediately identifiable due to the severe pain experienced, many smaller fractures may be hard to determine without the use of radiology equipment. Whether you are experiencing significant pain or you have sustained an injury that makes it difficult for you to accomplish basic daily functions without discomfort, we encourage you to visit Duke City Urgent Care. No appointment is necessary to receive a fast and thorough examination performed and interpreted by our experienced radiologists and physicians.

X-Ray Services in ABQ & Los Lunas

X-Rays: Uncovering Injuries

Accidents happen. You can sustain a broken bone even while participating in everyday activities, like jogging, stretching or gardening. Whether you are hurt while engaging in athletics or high-impact activities or simply experienced an unfortunate accident, any trauma to your bones can result in a fracture. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to produce images of your skeletal system. This non-invasive procedure is painless and enables physicians to get a detailed view of any bone fractures you may have sustained. Undergoing an x-ray is a safe procedure that does not cause any side effects. In the event that a physician believes a bone break has also impacted your organs, muscle tissue or blood vessels, they can use another radiological technique called ultrasound to view the damage to these areas inside your body.

When to Seek X-Ray Services

When you suffer an injury, you may believe that the pain will subside over time. Unfortunately, trying to live your normal life with a broken bone can actually make the trauma worse. Even a small fracture can turn into a serious health issue if you leave it untreated. We do not recommend that any patient attempt to self-diagnose their injury. If you or your loved one has sustained trauma and the pain does not dissipate, we urge you to visit Duke City Urgent Care. Our five facilities throughout Albuquerque and Los Lunas are open seven days a week. Each feature onsite x-ray equipment to provide you with an immediate diagnosis.

If you’ve experienced non-life-threatening trauma to your body that prevents you from moving without pain, seek medical attention. Duke City Urgent Care is ready to provide exceptional medical service to walk-in patients. Visit us for the x-ray services you need to mend your broken bones as quickly as possible.

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