What are the Different Types of Medical Practice?

What are the Different Types of Medical Practice?

When you need to go to the doctor’s office, there are a variety of medical practice types to choose from. Solo and group practices offer varying service benefits that can influence the type of care they provide patients. Hospital-based and locum tenens (temporary employment) structure care and customer service in different ways to provide the best possible care for your needs.

What is the Difference Between Solo and Group Practice?

Private practices involve a single physician in business by themselves, though some are part of solo practice associations. Doctors can set up shop to provide individualized care for patients needing their specialty. Two or more physicians run separate practices in the same facility. Group practices are often doctor’s office clusters with different yet related practices.

What is a Locum Tenens Physician?

Locum tenens physicians rotate assignments based on need and opportunity. Latin for “to hold the place of,” locum tenens refers to doctors that accept temporary positions, often relocating to areas that are in the greatest need of physicians. They work at hospitals, urgent care facilities, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities.

What are Other Types of Medical Practices?

Hospitals and urgent care centers often hire full time staff physicians directly from solo or group practices to fulfill their healthcare needs. Health maintenance organizations, more commonly known as HMOs, have a wide range of physicians and care practices that serve beneficiaries of specific HMO policies.

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