How Does Occupational Medicine Help Those Who Have Suffered a Work Injury?

How Does Occupational Medicine Help Those Who Have Suffered a Work Injury?

If you’ve ever suffered an injury at work, then you’ll know the feeling of hopelessness that comes from losing time away from your occupation. That’s why occupational medicine is so critical. While your body can naturally recover from many injuries and accidents, occupational medicine is specially designed to help you quickly bounce back and get back to work after a debilitating incident. Read on to learn more about the basics of occupational medicine and how it can play an essential role in helping you get back to work.

What is occupational medicine?

Like its name would suggest, occupational medicine is a medical practice that focuses specifically on addressing injuries or illnesses that commonly arise in the workplace. Unlike general medical methods, occupational medicine incorporates elements such as physical therapy, vaccinations, and physicals to comply with state regulations about workplace healthcare.

How does occupational medicine work?

Occupational medicine is typically associated with an employer’s workers’ compensation program. If you’re injured on the job, your employer should promptly direct you to your workplace’s designated occupational medical provider. You will then receive treatment specifically tailored to the unique risks present in your industry and your work practices. You might also encounter occupational medicine in your initial hiring process, as medical providers can perform state-required health screening processes.

Does occupational medicine make a difference?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, using an occupational medicine provider can make a massive impact on your work processes and health. For workers, occupational medicine can alleviate injuries that might have taken months to heal otherwise. Meanwhile, occupational medical providers make employers’ jobs easier by handling state-required processes for employment screening.

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