Hydrating your child during hot summer months is easier said than done, especially if they prefer sugary sodas and juices to water. The warning signs that your child isn’t drinking enough water are nausea, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. A brown or dark yellow urine color may indicate serious dehydration and should be supplemented fast with a lot of water.

Of course, keeping your child hydrated just during the summer isn’t quite good enough, and our tips for hydration can be replicated year-round for optimal athletic and learning capacity. For instance, did you know that regular hydration improves a child’s capacity to focus and think? While summer months pose the greatest threat of dehydration, consider how encouraging constant hydration will improve your child’s performance in a wide array of activities.

How do I get my child to stay hydrated?

From a young age raise your child on a steady regimen of plenty of water, and 2% milk for added vitamins if desired. Children may not stay on top of their hydration, therefore try carrying around their water and asking if they need some every hour, or more often when it is especially hot. Your child can have sugary sodas and juices in moderation but be cautioned that their body will dehydrate faster in order to metabolize the sugar in those drinks.

When your child is off at school or daycare consider sending them with a refillable water bottle so they are encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day. Remember that proper hydration contributes to a focused mindset during school.

What should I do for my active child?

If your child is active during the summer months they are going to be more susceptible to dehydration if they aren’t staying on top of it. When it comes to balancing what your child should drink during active sports, particularly water vs sports drinks, the American Academy of Pediatrics is unanimous with their advice: plain, simple water. 4-8 ounces of water for every 20 minutes of activity is plenty to maintain healthy hydration.

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